post grad life

Those of you who have followed me on www.bonmardi.com will know that I have asked you to move over here to my website to find out what happened after I graduated... what Katie did after school, if you will. Feel free to continue to visit my student blog - I will be leaving it up indefinitely if only to act as a reference for my future projects as well as provide some context for the approaches I take in my design work. 

This is my next foray into blogging. Where I will document the processes and inspiration for both my professional and private work. I hope to continue to benefit from the practice of blogging as well as explain some of my choices.

I also intend to return to some of my previous work - to deconstruct and possibly remake - acknowledging one of my most heartfelt credo's: I am never finished. On that note, I will finish this post by reaffirming my design manifesto, as written in October 2014:

design manifesto for the luckiest woman alive

I look at things from more than one perspective;

I do no harm;

I craft with love;

I question stereotypes;

I am organised;

I am never finished;

I adapt;

 I stimulate more than one sense with my work;

I do not waste my resources;

I value the practice of remediation;

I am engaged in a two-way learning process;

I design my world & my world informs my design:

It's all two-way