marble cake

Life goal #32: Must teach child to bake.

We watched ‘Nailed It’ the other day and were immediately inspired to make marble cake. 

I kind of don’t mind that show because nobody is doing anything unattainable. (That’s for sure!) …My La has concluded that ‘if they can do it, then surely I can’.

This marble cake recipe, made with melted chocolate (dark and white) instead of cocoa, came up with the goods!

If you’re the type that can’t resist a good marble cake recipe, I can reveal that we combined the ingredients from this recipe and the method from this recipe to achieve the final, yummy cake. It comes out dense, but don’t be afraid, and don’t think that means you need to overcook it - stick to the 30 - 35 mins because the softish chocolate bits are a sensation when you’re tucking in later.

I am curious to know: Do you take photos of your cooking triumphs? Where do they end up being used (if at all)? Did you ever take photos of your food in the pre-digital era?