About me


Born and raised in New South Wales, Australia, 
Helen Williams left home and made a trail of memories all over the world
(but most memorably in) the UK, Italy, Florida, South Africa and her beloved France
before heading home to Sydney. 
There she worked for the Museum of Contemporary Art
and went on to start and run Oh de Toilette, her own unique event supply business. 

After meeting her husband in New Zealand at her friend’s wedding, Helen sold her business and settled with him and their family in a seaside community just north of Wellington where she lived for almost a decade.

While completing a Bachelor of Design Innovation as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Art History at Victoria University Wellington, Helen began to work as a professional design consultant. It was clear that combining her experience as a business owner with freshly honed digital skills placed her in a unique position to provide a wholistic creative service for small business. Armed with her expanded resumé, Helen has recently returned with her family to Australia and continues to build on her design expertise as well as pursuing further career challenges that will benefit from her unique career path.

Helen also thrives on spending time with family and friends, creating art and photos and reading about film history while streaming all the films and series she missed the first time around.  She also loves reading, eating and sampling independently distilled gin and vodka. She is passionate about documenting it all through her writing, photography and film-making and spends whatever spare time is left researching and writing about the archiving conundrum that has evolved from the proliferation of digital photography in the 21st century.